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I am currently working on my third chapbook, Evaporate, (working title).
If you are interested in purchasing my previous two chapbooks, Ay Nako: Writing Through the Struggle, or I Think in Poetry, go ahead and e-mail me your request.  I don’t have any printed out right now but I’ll gladly go print some out for you.

Email me if you any questions or concerns:

Here are some links to the videos of me reading some poems from Ay Nako: Writing through the Struggle

The first piece \”Timeless\” is not in the book, but \”Always Going\” and \”Friable\” are in the chapbook.

If the Revolution Was Televised

Here are some poems from, I Think In Poetry, in case you are wondering about some of the contents:

Thoughts That Keep Me Up

Falling face misses sleep;
eyes pried open as they lean
against imaginary Dali wooden braces
caught by the weight of gravity… reality.

Catching glimpses of the same subject
yet my mind gets contorted with Picasso
angles the shift my frame of thoughts,
processing the dimensions of time
lightens and darkens all that happens around me.

Feeling as lost as a minute dot on a Seurat painting,
not always understanding the complexity of life,
pondering if I’m part of something greater
than the pigment of my own spectrum.

Staring beyond the window at the dark night
catching Van Gogh starry stars
fluttering slowly in and out like
the expanding and collapsing of my own breaths.

Emotions loud as a Munch scream
shouted against the stillness of madness,
my sanity moves like distorted echoed beats
bouncing against the noisy silence.

Staring at myself like a Kahlo self-portrait,
catching every flaw the leaves me fragile,
fractured and crushed is my spirit,
yet I still face the world ahead of me,
knowing I am stronger than my own limitations.

I’ll Take a Hug from a Zombie

I’ll feed on your brain with my zombie hunger,
wanting more and more,
feasting and depleting
till that skull is all empty.
We can sprawl or crawl (should pestering
villains cut our limbs) on our
way to the next meal.
I ain’t tripping on that pale blue
complexion of your dehydrated skin
because the life of me has been drained
out long ago. We’ll sniff that air
hoping to catch a whiff of some sweat

glands hiding in the corner.
I won’t mind taking the beating
while you get on eating those morsels of membrane.
As our rigamortis arms stretch out as we
walk it out, I hope you won’t bite mine off
as I reach to hold your hand.
Though our jaws remain drop,
and our vocal chords can only groan and moan,
I’ll just be trying to tell you I’m
happy to share this spontaneous
adventure with you.
If our life was just this moment,
it was a life well spent.

Prisms From Within

Though it melts my heart
watching tiny hands grip crayons
as you bring life to the paper,
my eyes dilate in fright
when you explore the taste
of blue, red and green.
You throw a tantrum,
feel robbed of your curiosity,
even wail in frustration
as I take away your dyed saturated sticks.
Your smiling face steals my trust,
I give in, handing you tools of pigmentation,
my attention briefly draws away from you
presenting an opportunity for you to survey,
you mural the walls on my behalf,
chaotic scribbles that match
my deflated amusement.
A box of missing pieces of the rainbow
leaves me wondering where they went,
only to find my tea tasting funny,
potted plants farmed with seeds of hues,
a load of laundry tinted by the gift of wax
you snuck into my pocket.
Though I’m shaded with exhaustion,
your love will forever
color my life with joy.

Choreography of a Comet

Soul conducts the flow of your body.
Toes submerge, redefining space and gravity.
Hands and fingers stretch,
push and pull apart
time out of existence.
Your spirit paints the wind,
colors the air dusting
the dance floor with an aurora,
bursting arrays of illuminations into this world.
Hip surrenders and manifests into the beat,
pivoting the torso and aligning the stars
of your spine which orbits from the universe
created from the melody of your heart.
Music begins to end leaving me
fossilize with the movements of your story
which craters a deep impression on my life.

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I created this wordpress to help me sell my chapbook.  I will though try to fix this up as much as possible.  Feel free to e-mail me at if you have any questions or concerns.

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